Submit a design and
sell it on Pick Pocket!

Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or someone with mad crayon skills, if you have a design that you want to sell on Pick Pocket then step right up.

Once we receive your design submission we will analyze, and get back to you if we can go ahead with the design. If approved we’ll create a unique storefront for you to sell your designs.

So put your thinking cap and start now.

So how does it work?

Once approved, we will require an 11×14 & 11×17 inch jpg for all of your wall print designs, and a PNG for all other product types. We’ll also need a few other things like a banner and avatar to make your storefront unique.
You will receive payment via bank transfer on the first of each month for each fulfilled order.

You are eligible to earn double royalties for the first 30 after joining so be sure to promote your designs anyway that you can.

We’ll handle everything

We take care of manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and provide the best customer service to both you and your customers.

Your art, your rules

Your work always belongs to you. No matter how many products you sell, you will always retain ownership and control of your work. You can remove your artwork at any time.